TKO Paint BC
Big Chill is an alien from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Ben 10 Alien Force that stars in TKO:Titanic Kungfubot Offensive.Big Chill is owned by Dwayne McDuffie and The Man Of Action.


He still Has LOTS of potential,espescially with his one hit KO strategy,Cold Rush Untill Death.

His freeze effect is like Goo spit,See DNAlien,and could flinch in air foes just in case.

Dash(>>OR<<)+Z/X: Cold Rush:Zips through or at opponet simutationally freezing them.

Dash(>>OR<<)+C/V: Chill Out: An icy breath freezes a frontal foe.

SUPER: Ice Age: Ice is unleashed from deep earth that can hit in air opponets and flinch them.

He is vunerable to Counter,unless Big Chill can't use super or cold rush in time (You shouldn't punch or kick because you'd be doing it wrong!)

Weakness: Good Generator Rex's

Combos: Forward Jump Kick -> Cold Rush -> Grab -> Jump Kick -> Chill Out